Web developer, Architect, Tinkerer.

I build solutions, websites, toasters and prototype computer vision systems.

I’m often called a full stack developer but I frequently don’t work with a stack at all. If the stack has a web layer that’s where you’ll probably find me.

I can write in all sorts of languages, but ever since node won the server wars I only really need javascript. If I’m in an enterprise environment with a legacy codebase I have been known to write a bit of Java.

I try and concentrate on the solution rather than the implementation. So if it seems like it might be a better customer experience to use computer vision and projection instead of a printer I’ll switch to C++ and build a prototype.

And by build I mean really build. I can work with a MIG welder or a CAM mill as comfortably as a keyboard. So my stack really is full.

Select your seat on your phone.

Multi-million dollar revenue mobile site implementation.

Adaptive instead of responsive, the mobile seat select component of the Air New Zealand booking engine is optimised for touch devices in a whole heap of ways. The scripts are smaller and heavily optimised so the overall data usage is smaller. The interface is optimised for touch, including an innovative use of the iOS text magnifier to give users a better view of the seat layout as they select.

Select your seat the old fashioned way.

An even more multi-million dollar desktop implementation.

Fully functional all the way down to IE6, the seat select component of the booking engine accurately maps seat positions of the entire Air New Zealand fleet from engineering drawings in an automated process that means when the new 787s arrived from Seattle the booking engine was ready to sell seats on them straight away.


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