When the 3 network came out in the UK a fair few years back now it came with video calling… anywhere.

The iPhone brings this same feature (limited to wi-fi only) but given a new name it sounds like apple think this is a “magical” revolution. I’m an Apple fanboi. I make no pretenses otherwise. But seriously. You can’t just give something a new name and make out like you invented it. It’s limited to wi-fi and you can only call someone who also has an iPhone 4. That is shit. Just rubbish. It’s iChat, but worse. And lots of people use iChat. And none of them thing it’s revolutionary. It’s just how it is.

So come on Apple – you’ve innovated in so many other areas, and you could have talked about those. Why do you feel the need to shout about something where you’ve been playing catch-up?

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