With Google announcing their withdrawal of H264 support in Chrome and the resulting uproar this seems like a good summary of where things stand: http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/11/01/15/google_reaffirms_intent_to_derail_html5_h_264_video_with_webm_browser_plugins.html

A lot of people getting upset at Google’s stance… And surely it is a battle that has already been won by H264. It’s not even as though Google has the muscle here. With 12% Market share of browsers this isn’t a move that can force webM into mainstream adoption. Without a single chip that can do hardware webM decoding the codec is worthless so perhaps next we will see a minimum hardware spec for Android 3 as requiring thy chip.

All this though is just fluff and noise in a space where the consumer has already picked H264 (unintentionally) by purchasing all those iPhones, iPods and android phones that only do H264.

Sorry Google. Time to get on board.

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