So I watched the stream of Sheen’s Korner this morning and laughed occasionally. Now I’m not a fan of beating up your wife or neglecting your kids or any of the other alleged offenses, but I researched what little press feedback there was about the ‘show’ and it was all negative. Yet here I was thinking ‘Nice Job’. For a fraction of the price of any TV show (and a minuscule fraction compared to 2.5 men) I probably got the same (well to be honest way more) entertainment. It’s not that he and his group are particularly talented, but it felt real and raw and maybe even a little bit experimental and as such I found myself wanting them to succeed. It’s been promised for years but I really think a lot of tv is going to go this way eventually. With conventional viewing figures dropping and consequently conventional ad revenue dropping it’s going to be more and more difficult for the big networks to make their expensive programs. But all Carlos needed was a webcam and a broadband connection and some semi pro writers feeding him cards.

I’m looking forward to the next episode. And I’m not alone – 100,000 other people watched it. That’s not noteworthy in the world of network TV, but it’s early days.

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