Work Experience

Eat My Lunch
Apr 2016 – current

Architect and Implementer

Eat My Lunch were approaching their first birthday in April 2016 and after a year of massive growth were finding their original online implementation buckling under the weight of orders.

As a social enterprise with tight margins any solution needed to weigh advantages against costs. But with a bespoke business offering an off-the-shelf e-commerce platform was not feasible. Ultimately we implemented a highly customized version of woocommerce. We implemented a custom payment gateway for DPS and a custom plugin that hooked into vWork; an online logistics platform. After migrating all customers to the new platform Eat My Lunch were able to go from a two week lead time to 48 hours – improving customer satisfaction as orders could be switched, suspended and cancelled just prior to the expected delivery dates.

In parallel we developed fully automated dashboards that fed through to the kitchens giving the kitchen staff realtime information on numbers and types of lunches and dinners to produce.

ASB Share Trading
Dec 2017 – current

React Web Developer

Working within the confines of the ASB enterprise environment implementing the front-end share-trading feature designed to be consumed within the ASB FastNet Classic mobile application and online.

Air NZ Conceptual
Oct 2017 – current

Prototyper and Technical Conceptualizer

Exploring what the future of air travel might become with a strong technical bias. Being at the bottom of the world means New Zealand air travel journey times are much longer than most others so can technology help alleviate the inevitable problems that accompany such a long period of isolation?

Westpac Australia Global Experience Library
Jun 2017 – Nov 2017

React Component Developer and front-end build evangelist

Translating the original Westpac GEL components to “best-practice” React component library.

Implemented in React, unit-tested with Jest, browser tested with Webdriver IO, built with a bitbucket pipeline. Documented with Storybook and visually regression tested with an automated pixel-diff comparison

Global Dairy Trade
June 2015 – Mar 2016

Continuous Delivery Lead and Software Engineer

Global Dairy Trade (GDT), a wholly owned subsidiary of Fonterra are responsible for a high volume auction platform for milk products. As part of an initiative to accelerate various development streams I was responsible for implementing CD across the whole development team and secondary providers.

Updated source control system, build system, infrastructure and deployment mechanisms to go from a minimum of 2 weeks from commit to deploy (with lots of error-prone, manual steps), to less than 4 hours fully automated commit to production deploy pipeline.

Air New Zealand
Innovations and Ventures
May 2011 – June 2015

Software Engineer and Solution Architect

Started on front end and middleware tier code. Moved to booking engine team and implemented paid seat select front end. Moved to Labs and worked on a variety of conceptual pieces that made it to market including the coffee ordering lounge solution.

Anaplan, Inc
April 2009 – April 2011

User Experience Designer

Designing User Interface and website for a Financial SaaS startup ( based in US. The core system is a complicated financial modeling engine that users are expeected to master with no training – hence the need for cutting edge UI.

Aim Proximity
Sept 2008 – Mar 2009

Interactive Art Director

Specialising on flash work for TVNZ, innovation for The Warehouse, and flash SEO for Yellow Pages and Air New Zealand.

Shift Ltd.
August 2007 – August 2008

Web Developer / Designer

Specialising on flash and .net projects for, and

RandomMedia Ltd / Red Nomad Ltd
September 2005 – May 2007

Technical Director

Responsible for all technical output of agency, including RIA’s, E-commerce sites, Flash micro-sites, Flash gaming, tiered data-driven sites, interactive marketing materials.

TBWA Tequila (UK) Ltd,
February 2003 – September 2005

Digital Art Director and Developer

Working with creative teams on all digital marketing material. Role included creative and development. Clients included Adidas, HP, Chevrolet, News International, Philip Morris, Barclays.

Oxford Natural Products Ltd,
March 2002 – February 2003

Interactive Designer and Developer

Designing and developing interaction techniques for an online product traceability solution. Developed in flash with multiple data sources from databases, live RSS feeds and mobile data entry and reception consoles.

University West of England
September 2001 – March 2002

Design Lecturer

Teaching graphic and interactive design to Further Education students including Flash (Actionscript 1 & 2), Dreamweaver, Photoshop & Illustrator along with concept development techniques.


D&AD (UK) Integrated Advertising Course, London
December 2001 – February 2002

Won a competitive place on this prestigious advertising course. Part-time (one night a week) at different advertising agencies answering real briefs varying between press, TV, direct marketing and experiential marketing.

BSc (Honours) Product Design,
Brunel University, London
September 1997 – June 2001

Course included:
Mechanics, Graphics, Ergonomics, Aesthetics, Interaction, Programming (Object based; C++, Java and Procedural based; Pascal, Basic), Integrated Electronics (Programmable, Integrated Chip Design and ICE-PIC coding, Computer-controlled integrated electronics and interface design), Materials (stress analysis and deformation simulations using ANSIIS software and hardware. Environmentally Sensitive Design, Design History, Contextual Design and Design for Trends. In addition I gained H.S.E workshop certification in wood, metal, plastics and forming.

Designo Automotivo,
Politecnico di Milano, Milan
March 1999 – September 1999

A socrates exchange course at the Milan University in Northern Italy.

Magdalen College School, Oxford
September 1991 – June 1996

Academic Results:
A Level: Maths, Physics, Biology
AS Level: French, Chemistry



Yellow Treehouse (2008): Caples Best of Show. 360 Axis Gold.

Adidas This is not a jersey(2008): Adfest Innova Lotus, 360 Finalist. Axis Interactive Media Silver. Silver Bullet, Young Guns Innovate Use of Media.

Adidas Football (2004): Runner up, Guardian New Media Design Awards.

Barclays Christmas (2004): Winner, Caples Integrated Campaign (DM).

Toasty (2001): A web-enabled java microprocessor based toaster. The toaster can figure out your location and burn a weather forecast for your region onto your days toast. Toasty appeared in science journals and magazines all over the world and on BBC and Discovery networks.


Client Side:
These days it’s mainly React / React-Native / Redux. In parallel I’m using Unity and openCV for computer vision and object recognition work. And when I put on my Dev-ops hat it’s Node micro-services, kubernetes orchestration of either AWS or GCP. Lamda / Cloud functions and all the other bits of cloud based architecture.

In the recent past it’s been SMACSS (less/sass/stylus). Angular, occasionally Ember, Knockout, Backbone or Mootools or some combination of all of them with a lot of technical debt that goes with it. Yeoman + Bower + Node to get started. Grunt or Gulp to build and Karma / Jasmine and Protractor to test.

In the distant past it was AS3/AS2, Flex, Velocity / Freemarker and a whole heap of other things that have since become redundant.

Almost exclusively Java for the last few years. Some .NET MVC and Razr. And I’m not proud of it but plenty of PHP when the need arises.

Some early exposure to Swift and some late exposure to Objective-C.

C++ (Generally OpenFrameworks).


Farming: When I’m not working I’m honing my skills in animal husbandry. As a natural progression from a belief that we should know where our food comes from I bought a farm and now raise sheep, steer, goats, chickens and ducks (well they raise themselves while I watch).

Sustainable living: Attempting to leave a light footprint on the planet, but not forgoing the luxuries that the developments of our ancestors have given us. On a practical level that translates to investing in the first NZ Tesla Powerwall 2 in an attempt to get off grid and 100% renewable. Not their yet though.

Travelling to places off the radar, getting out of the “comfort-zone” and experiencing cultures other than my own. Playing golf and watching football. Movies that make you think. Music (all of it).

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