Automated Coffee ordering and fulfilment through a bespoke web-app for both customer and barista.

The Koru lounge coffee ordering process used to rely on small cards where people filled in their order and waited. In the morning peak this system was chaotic.

The solution the labs team came up with was to use the Air NZ mobile app and iBeacons to identify frequent users of the Koru lounge and automatically order their preferred coffee. As we developed this idea it became clear the iBeacons couldn’t be relied upon in the airport but we already had scanners at the lounge entry so could use those to identify koru club members arriving.

It also became clear that we would have to solve the problem for more than the 25% of Koru lounge users who had the Air NZ mobile app installed. So we came up with a self service iPad that mimicked the experience of the App with the addition of inputting your name.

The delivery of the coffee was the next hurdle. Push notifications for App users worked great – delivered when the barista taps their order list. But for self-service we had to rely on a point-of-sale printer connected to the iPad to print out dockets for each cup.

A more exciting alternative was to transform the Barista station counter top into an interactive surface with cameras mounted underneath watching cups arrive and leave. The surface itself can then inform the customers where their coffee is.


The coffee ordering option within the App is so popular that it has recently been extended to work with the Apple Watch too.

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